About Us

EZ Marketing was founded in August 2012 by Juliette Esper and Les Stapleton. Both partners share vast experience in business management, marketing, promotion and sales. The company operates in North Wexford and provides a suite of digital and offline marketing services to a number of successful businesses within this catchment area. Our services are focused on increasing brand awareness, raising company profiles, developing b2c and b2b relationships and designing marketing strategies that lead to increased sales and business growth.

Part of our service concentrates on utilizing online facilities to disseminate information relating to products and services through the use of a wide range of multi-media tools. We design and produce bespoke support and educational content that can be integrated into online outlets and distributed as promotional materials.

Our approach to digital marketing is informed by ongoing research which leads to contemporary solutions that operate effectively within strict guidelines. The challenge is to keep pace with the endemic changes that permeate internet-based technologies which directly impact on digital marketing strategies. It is also important for our company to maintain an ongoing collaborative approach to a marketing strategy where the close communication between our client and our team drives a cohesive and complete solution that is centered on the client's needs.

The EZ Marketing team adapt a ground up approach to its operations in order to ensure a cohesive approach to developing effective strategies. We find that the winning solutions are a function of creative thinking within a collaborative working environment. We like to remain available for consultation at all times and pride ourselves on meeting our deliverables -whatever the hour!